"wild-eyed...a jovial maverick"

The Times (UK)

"pan-instrumental virtuoso"

The Herald (Scotland)

"he genuinely looks like he's having the time of his life"

"...exuberant Canadian Michael Johnston bounces around from instrument to instrument keeping the energy high."

The Scotsman

"Johnston emerged not simply as a great pianist, but as the man with the social skills to bind the group together..."

Sunday Times (UK)

“...delicately beautiful.”

the Toronto Sun

**** Johnston’s songcraft is pure. His melodic senses sniff out folk-centric soft rock, barrelhouse roots and traditional country... Johnston’s treasure trove of time-defying tunes will find many homes.”


one seriously impressive debut"


"The most prominent feature of this brilliant album is well-crafted melodies that crawl into your head and take up permanent residence for weeks.  The songs are infectious, contagious, compelling, addictive." 

The Belleville Intelligencer

A superbly rounded collection of songs from a singer/songwriter with a very bright future

This album is purely Canadian in all the best ways. Michael Johnston has finally succeeded in uniting our great land — at least musically. This satisfyingly full-bodied disc jumps between rocking numbers and slow crooners with ease.”

...a dusty, plaintive voice, delicate touch and a way with a melancholy melody..."
The Winnipeg Sun

Michael Johnston is being tipped as one of Canada's finest emerging singer/songwriters...he has a charmingly sweet voice and possesses fluent piano and songwriting styles.”

A new Canadian classic.”

Dave Ullrich (the Inbreds/Zunior.com)

(above review from MOJO magazine - August 2010)