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michael johnston + king creosote - The Bound Of the Red Deer (FAB)


Skydiggers - Here Without You (Latent)




Michael Johnston & Brian MacMillan - Songs Of The Future - contributed one original song as Mangelis, "Say It Again", to Lewis Melville curated compilation








Skydiggers - "Angels" (Christmas EP)

Michael plays piano, organ and accordion

listen to album stream here


Skydiggers - "She Comes Into The Room"

Michael plays piano, organ & keyboards


Dennis Ellsworth - Hazy Sunshine

Michael plays piano and organ



Skydiggers - All Of Our Dreaming (Latent)

Michael plays keyboards and sings on the DVD "Live At the Glenn Gould" included in this three-disc compilation


Tannis Slimmon - "In and Out of Harmony"

Michael plays piano, organ and a few background vocals


Kevin Hutchings - "Shadows In The Light"

Michael plays piano, organ, accordion and keyboards




Anthony Rankin Wilson - Love Takes No Prisoners

Michael plays accordion on one song


Captain Dirt & The Skirt - "The Adventures of Captain Dirt & The Skirt

Michael plays piano on one song




Jory Nash - Little Pilgrim - released November 2012 (independent)

Michael plays organ, piano and synth


Skydiggers - "Northern Shore" - released April 16, 2012 (Latent Recordings)

Michael plays piano, organ, wurlitzer and keyboards



Saidah Baba Talibah - "S(cream)" - released August 2, 2011 (Last Gang/Universal) - full-length debut co-produced by Michael Johnston, featuring one song co-written by Michael and two string arrangements by Michael


Oh Susanna
- "Soon The Birds - released April 19, 2011 (Outside Music) - Michael plays piano

Anne Lindsay
- "Hurry On Home" - Michael co-writes one song, "Valentine", plays wurlitzer and sings



The Burns Unit - "Sideshow" - released August 2, 2010 through Proper Distribution (in UK) - Scottish-Canadian supergroup featuring Michael Johnston, King Creosote, Karine Polwart, Emma Pollock, Future Pilot AKA, Kim Edgar, Mattie Foulds and MC Soom T

Kirsten Jones - "The Mad Mile" - Michael plays piano, organ and accordion - produced by Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) - released May 11, 2010 (Fontana North/Universal)

Scott McCord - "Love and Sorrow/Mystery Song" mini-EP - produced by Michael Johnston - featuring a duet by Scott with Dave Wall

Cat Jahnke - "The Stories Are Taking Their Toll" - Michael plays accordion and keyboards

Stacy Burke - "Like A Good Woman Might" - Michael plays piano on one song


Taylor Mitchell - "For Your Consideration"

produced by Michael Johnston - featuring several songs co-written by MJ

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Skydiggers - The Truth About Us:  A Twenty-Year Retrospective (Pheremone/Universal)

featuring "Hello Beautiful Life" (co-written by MJ), and re-recorded versions of "A Penny More", "Pull Me Down", and "Fall Apart" featuring MJ on piano, organ and vocals


Scott McCord - "Blues For Sunshine"  (independent)

produced by Michael Johnston; several songs co-written with MJ; engineered and mixed by Don Kerr

Jory Nash - "New Blue Day"

produced by Chris Stringer - featuring Michael on piano, organ, wurlitzer and accordion

The Divorcees -

"Last of the Free Men" (Hay Sale/Outside)

Michael plays piano and organ - produced by Josh Finlayson



"City of Sirens" (Latent Recordings/Universal)

Recorded at the Bathhouse (the Tragically Hip's home studio)

Featuring Michael Johnston on piano, organ, keyboards and vocals;

also featuring three MJ co-writes ("Hello Beautiful Life", "Until I Arrive", and "Incurable")

Suzie Vinnick

"Happy Here" (2009 Juno nominee)

Produced by Stephen Fearing

Featuring Michael on accordion, organ, and harmony vocals

Michael co-wrote two songs, "Back On My Feet" (with Suzie and Josh Finlayson) and "I'm Still Looking For You" (with Suzie, Josh and Stephen Fearing)

Chris Staig


Featuring Michael on piano and wurlitzer


Tannis Slimmon

"Lucky Blue" (DROG)

Produced by Lewis Melville

Michael plays piano on the first track


John Dorsey

"Somebody Stole my Canoe"

Produced by Don Kerr

Michael contributes piano, accordion and background vocals

The Centennial Secondary School Choir

with Dave Reed, Michael Johnston, Dave Clark, Lewis Melville and Joe Lapinski

"The Great Canadian Vocal Music Project, Volume 2



Cat Jahnke

"None of These Things"

accordion on "Crocodiles"

Sam Larkin

"Night Melts Chains"

Michael contributes piano, accordion, organ and background vocals

Produced by Don Kerr, also featuring Oh Susanna and Ron Sexsmith

Ian North

"Theory of Your Life"

piano on two tracks

"Afghanistan - On Guard For Thee"

featuring "Will You Remember Me? (co-written with Dave Clark and Lewis Melville)

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Michael Johnston

"Curious Heart" (Idle Free/

produced by Don Kerr

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John Southworth

"Yosemite" (Maple Music)

Michael plays piano and organ

"Zunior Holiday Collection 2005" (

contributed one song - "Dear Santa"


Reid Jamieson

"The Unavoidable Truth" (Universal/Maple Music)

Michael plays piano and organ

Michael Johnston

"Michael Johnston", EP, produced by Don Kerr


"Sixty Second Songs" (DROG/Outside)

Featuring "Bedbugs" by Michael Johnston

to purchase, click here

"Music For Peace", compilation released 2002 (DROG/Outside)

to purchase, click here

2003 and earlier

Reid Jamieson

"The Noise in my Chest" (Maple Music)

Michael played piano on one track

Released 2003

with Us and Wilbur

"through these walls", produced by Lurch, released 1998

"Lost and Found", produced by Don Kerr, released 1996

"Patch of Snow", cassette released 1997

"The Purple Tape, cassette released 1993